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Welcome to Balkan Analitika

Balkan Analitika was founded in 2020, with two offices in United Kingdom and Serbia. We provide solutions to solve internal communication challenges for organizations and companies. Our employee communication platform provides a range of channels to get employee attention and feedbacks.

Survey enhancement

Balkan Analitika reports are clear and concise. Gain quick insights, revise ambiguous questions, and make better informed decisions.

Admin dashboard

The administrative dashboard consists of community metrics such as number of opinions shared, number of members, and member engagement figures

Survey enhancement

Relying on email isn’t enough. Balkan Analitika gets employee attention and eliminates message fatigue. Unique survey formats and targeting features guarantee high readership and engagement.

Premium services

Balkan Analitika provides you an access to premium consulting and survey design services. We provide you a hands-on assistance with complex research & analysis.

A brief about Balkan Analitika

Whether you need to communicate information fast, improve employee engagement, or increase behavioral change, the Balkan Analitika platform guarantees to get your messages through.

High-impact, visual internal communications tools bypass email completely, delivering the results you need without adding to information-overload.

Reach every employee, wherever they are, whatever device they're on.

Our mission

Information overload is a significant and growing problem preventing organizations from being operationally effective and employees from being well informed. Our purpose is to help large organizations use the latest technologies to put important messages in front of employees in ways they can't miss (and to measure their impact).

If you'd like to know more, or if your internal communication needs improvement, we'd love to hear from you.


UK office:
2 Ebrington Road, Ex2 8JS, Exeter, United Kingdom

Serbia office:
Zvecanska 1, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia

Email and website

You can contact our Tech Support by emailing:



If you have any inquiries please call us on:

UK: +44 747 0063620
Serbia: +381 695 444695